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Nevada is now heading towards a re-vote due to officials not agreeing on their election security?


anyone hear this news as well as MICHIGAN officials ALSO not being able to agree on the election in their state, as well as Georgia just found ANOTHER 2,700 ballots (that is on top of the 2,600 they found yesterday,,,, these ballots are said to favor Trump)

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    To clarify what is happening:

    1) In Michigan, we are talking about the vote of one county not to certify.  Apparently, the Republicans on the County Board in Wayne County initially voted not to certify due to a handful of disputed ballots.  Under Michigan law, the tentative vote totals would still have gone to the state board to review the disputed ballots.  Ultimately, the Republicans on the County Board realized that they could just separately submit the dispute over those ballots and voted to certify the results with those disputes noted.

    2)  So Trump is now OK with mysteriously found ballots.  Tomorrow is the deadline for the counties in Georgia to complete their certifications.  So far, it appears that most counties in Georgia have only discovered a change of less than ten votes (not unusual for a hand recount).  The two counties with found ballots were Republican counties, and the net swing from those two counties is around 1,500 votes.  So far no other county has found a batch of missing votes.

    3) Nevada's situation is that Clark County found less than 1,000 disputed ballots.  Those 1,000 ballots include some votes erroneously counted and some votes erroneously rejected.  Among the local races in Clark County is a commissioner's race that was decided by a margin of 10 votes.  Given the number of disputed ballots (139 in that commission district), it is possible that the minor errors (less than 0.1% of the vote in Clark County) altered the results of that race which is the test for a new election.  As such, they ordered a new election for that one race.  Clark County represents about two-thirds of the total vote in the state.  The margin in the presidential race is over 30,000.  Thus, even if every erroneously counted ballot in Clark County went to Biden and every erroneously discounted ballot went for Trump, it would alter the winner of the election for president in Nevada.  So, while Clark County did not certify the results in that one race, it has certified the results in other races including the race for President.  Other counties in Nevada are also certifying their results, and Clark County is the only county that is reporting this type of problem.

    We will continue to have small glitches here and there.  But the margins in every state are large enough that the type of glitches that you see in every election (and so far there is no evidence of anything unusual) will not impact the results.  So far, ten states have certified their results and another 15 will do so over the next week including Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada.

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    PA, NV, AZ, GA, NM, CA all need to recount.

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    They are not. You lie

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    Not going to happen.

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