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Why doesn't Greenland have a football team. The Faroe Islands do.?


UEFA Nations League

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    They do, however they are not FIFA affiliated. This gets quite complicated but basically it's down to the need for a Grass pitch. There's more detailed sources elsewhere, but Greenland has major difficulty growing a fifa standard grass pitch due to the climate etc. They hope that with FIFA allowing field turf (a form of artificial pitch) they can finally join. However they also have the added complication of not being a fully independent nation. UEFA who they would most likely join, requires its members to be members of the UN (which Greenland is not). There are certain exceptions to this rule (Gibraltar) and Greenland hope to get round that or join the North American confederation.

    Basically, if you are interested, google it. They are trying to be, however politics seem to get in the way and there's not a great deal of desire for another bottom rung nation in UEFA

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