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Ladies!Which'd you rather have as a present from your guy,stuffed animal as big as yourself or teensy enough to fit in the palm of your hand?


Anonymous,OK,how 'bout instead of a *European Unicorn,,,a Chinese one**?

*painting,figurine,stuffed animal etc    **Google kirin, or think a cross between a Chinese dragon and a hoof beast,ie ox or horse,, but most especially deer (the giraffe, except in bodily proportion, is said to be the best real world match),,,,,, add a lion/horse mane and a red-gold color scheme (if anyone is wondering, an OKAPI {zebra-striped giraffe relative} is the closest thing to an African equivalent of the other 2)

Update 2:

(She loves Chinese things)

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    If I have to get a stuffed animal, I'd prefer the smaller one instead of one that is basically a piece of large impractical furniture. Why a stuffed animal? Is this "lady" a child? 

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    Large stuffed toys are a novelty but they take up too much space and collect dust.

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    Teensy. And... I can honestly say that I have been given stuffed animals from every single boyfriend I've had. From the very first innocent teenage love to the man I later married when we first met. Find something more original. Something that shows that you really know her, even if it isn't a traditional gift.

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