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How do you win Monopoly?

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    The game is won when one person bankrupts the last remaining opponent.

    How to do that is not se easy to answer.  It takes a good deal of good luck along with sound strategy.  I would always look at getting the most bang for my buck, so with houses and hotels all costing the same on properties on the same side of the board, I prefer to buy the properties with the highest rent. Those are the ones farthest to the left of each side.  This is heightened with the two most expensive, Boardwalk and Park Place.  It costs $2k to put hotels on both, while it costs $3k to put hotels on the greens to the right.  Yes, the odds of landing on a green are the same 1.5 times more than the cost, but the rents are quite a bit lower for the same cost factor and odds of landing on them.

    I also try to get as many railroads as I can.

    Rules vary greatly, too, so it depends on who you play with and what rules are used. Some people use the auction for selling properties that are turned in by bankrupt players and some don't. Some use the 'lottery ticket' mentality and put all fine money, assessed by the cards and get out of jail fees, in a pot and award them to the first to land on 'Free Parking', and some do not. I don't like that method. 

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    You have to be very strategic.  You can't buy properties just because you land on them, you need to spend your money wisely.  Only buy properties if you're going to land on that color later, or if you need to stop someone from getting all of the colors because they are about to land on more of that color.  Railroads are OK but utilies are worthless in the long run.  Oh, and only land on Chance if there's a good one coming next!

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    Stay awake if that is actually possible. That is such a boring game.

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    buy all the red, yellow, and green properties when go to jail is your only safe move

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    Be the Banker, hahaha.

    Buy the low income properties and build them up.

    Then you can bankrupt others and collect their high properties and build on those.

    It is a roll of the dice, so if you fall onto a Park Place or Boardwalk w/buildings, yeah that will hurt, but that is why the game is still good.

    It's been a LONG TIME since I played Monopoly or Risk.

    Not sure I ever really won much on Monopoly?

    Banana Grams is awesome, hahahaha.

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    You cheat! When you Pass Go and collect two hundred bucks, take 600 instead. That's how my sister beat me for years before I caught on. (I was 11 and she was 15.)

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    2 months ago

    You buy up every thing possible.

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    While the objective may vary by variation, the general objective to be the player with the highest net worth when the end-game trigger happens.

    This end-game trigger can be...

    A) After a preset amount of time has elapsed (typically between 30 m & 2 h)

    B) After a preset number of rounds have elapsed (20 - 100 rounds)

    C) After a SINGLE player declares bankruptcy

    D) When all but a single player remains

    E) When all active players agree to conclude the game.

    With that said, the typical objectives here are...

    1) Obtain as many properties as possible

    2) Trade SOME of the properties with other players to secure monopolies, this may require giving other players a monopoly in the process.

    3) Develop the properties groups you have a monopoly upon.

    4) Upon maxing out your development opportunities, attempt to bankrupt or trade with other players to obtain MORE monopolies to accelerate the end-game scenario.

    There are some more advanced gameplay tactics, which does take the state of the board & the pace of the game into consideration.  The obvious stuff is...

    * The Dark Blue Properties (Boardwalk & Park Place) generally aren't the strongest performers on the board for collecting rent. -- While they are heavy hitters when developed, the odds of landing on them are relatively low.

    * The Green Properties are the most expensive set to develop.  It costs $3,000 ($200 / building x 5 buildings / property x 3 properties) to fully develop, taking longer than other sets to recuperate the costs.

    There's some more subtle ones...  but I'm keeping them to myself (can't give potential rivals ALL my secrets).

  • 2 months ago

    It can go on for a long time - because it technically doesn't end until everyone is bankrupt and one man is left standing.

    There are variations on the rules to play short games.

  • Murzy
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    2 months ago

    You own everything and no one has any money left.

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