Ladies: have u ever had a female friend who is too strong in personality that over talks you & is just too strong of energy for your taste?

Describe and how did you end it?

Note: the friend I have like this has been fired from numerous jobs for personality conflicts and been despised by kids and teachers since childhood. Her stepfather divorced her mother when we were kids and told everyone at church it wasnt due to her mother, but he could not stand her child aka my friend. 

I say this as she is clearly not going to change and is not self aware. So, it is just her. Yet, I have gone through a lot as some have and her dominant, aggro, confrontational, always needs to be right to the point she lies to make herself right, is a lot. 

Drop her or try to stay friends?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Yes I have had a friend like that. Very high energy, it would exhaust me to spend an evening with her. She moved away. I have one now who talks over me a lot. Sometimes I point out to her that she's interrupted me, and she apologises, other times I just let her talk, and still other times I avoid her altogether because I know what to expect and there are times when I just don't care to deal with it.

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