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What will CNN viewers do next?

With Certified Not News going broke and being sold, what will the Clown News Network viewers watch when there is no more "orange man bad" propaganda to listen to?

I think 90% of the "news" Crappy News Network reported was all about bad Trump.  I don't think they know what to do next.  Unless Trump wins all the lawsuits, then I suppose Cucucuomo News Network will be back in business for the next 4 years.  

But what will the viewers do then when the Clinton News Network doesn't have Trump to badmouth?

I've noticed a new news network cropping up that is pulling a lot of people in.  And the Daily Wire is gearing up to become a media outlet for those who want the real truth.  Do you think Corrupted News Network viewers will switch?


CNN lost 100 million.  ATT is trying to sell it:

Yes, I didn't show class here, but when the public chants "Fake News" during a CNN live report, that should tell you something.  If CNN was actually real, that wouldn't happen.

Still, no answers, just 1 denial and 1 pre-teen comeback, the 3rd answer makes good sense, but of course people downvoting it because they don't want to believe it.

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    Ol' China-Joe's government will make sure the race baiting and class envy will continue. CNN  (Corrupt Nasty News) will be bailed out, in some form, by leftists in Congress. The left must continue to have news networks blame all their mistakes and bad policy outcomes on Trump. You watch! It's going to happen. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The gullible ones will be picked up by MSNBC, CBS and ABC.  The smart ones will do their own research.

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    2 months ago

    Show some class. CNN is the Gold Standard of news and facts. CNN is not going anywhere. 

    When people claim “fake news” they believe in conspiracy theories. They don’t fact check. But if Fox News or Newsmax TV has an off-the-wall news story a small minority believe it. News Flash. Fox News, NY Post, Newsmax TV are racist, one-sided and misleading. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Still crying? LOL.

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