Are prank gifts wrong to give for birthday and christmas?

I saw on youtube kids getting gifts. Some kids/teenagers for example, want an iphone, they open their present and it's an iphone. However, inside the an android phone (Im not saying iphone > android. Android is still good). These kids start crying and complaining. Another happened to a kid who wanted an xbox but he got clothes that was inside the xbox case. Then one kid got a PS2 INSIDE a PS4 (I love PS2 better than PS4 but that's just mean) and started throwing a tantrum. The comments were just saying how spoiled these kids are. To me they are but they are not 100% at fault. It's the givers who could partyl be to blame because they ON PURPOSE lifted the hopes of the receiver and see it crushed. I would never make the looks better than the inside. The Inside should be greater or equal to the looks. If my Kid wants a Macbook, I would either a) just buy the macbook and wrap it with the box or b), put the macbook inside a lenovo or zenbook case to give it a surprise. I would never put a lenovo or zenbook inside a macbook case and give it to my kid. I would never crush the gift receiver's hopes especially on a special day like birthday or christmas

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    How are they suppose to respond. 

    You think you are getting the best gift ever, perhaps one you really didn’t think you would get, and then find it is completely something else. Many kids/teens wouldn’t know how to process all those feelings. Many would react badly. Just like anyone would do when they are embarrassed or ridiculed.You have been made fun of by your own parents. This isn’t a prank, it is bullying.  They only reaction a parent could expect would be one of pure joy followed by confusion, disappointment and  embarrassment.

    Why would anyone think they would find it funny. Even an adult would react badly.

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