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Is the 2021 corvette stingray a good car?

what are the downsides to it?

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  • 2 months ago

    The BIGGEST downer aside from the EXPLODED sticker price is that the CORVETTE still uses a suspension from the MODEL "T". This is TRANSVERSE LEAF SPRINGS! They are a FUN SUMMER CAR and USELESS in the winter as any BUMPS translates ACROSS to the other side of the CAR! It took GM and CHEVY THRITY YEARS to get them CLOSE to being decent and the engines are TOO OVERPOWERED for the quality of the RIDE! The tend to ROAD HOP as the vibrations for a bump go from ONE SIDE to the OTHER SIDE! The BEST FUN cars come from EUROPE and ASIA! Go to CARS.CIOM and find HUNDREDS of AUDI TWIN TURBO AWD cars for sale from ALL years! They are GREAT in ALL types of weather and the S8 twin turbo goes to sixty in 3.2 seconds! Once you drive a REAL EURO car it is VERY HARD to CRAVE anything else! many FORD CARS are EXCEPTIONAL as well! The GT40 of course is out of reach for most and the FASTEST car on earth, the KOENIGSEGG>> uses a FORD engine in it! GM cars STILL feel like RENTAL CARS and TAXI cabs as far as road holing goes! The STING RAY is AWESOME to look at but again is ONLY a SUMMER DRIVER! My brother has one. It spins the TIRES for a BLOCK and smokes the tires easily! Still feels UPSET by road hazards and is NOT forgiving with road flaws The BOSE system is AWESOME and it has NO CD PLAYER any more! They FINALLY got the TRANS to shift SMOOTHLY! I would get the AUID R8 or the AUDI RS6 or the AUDI RS3 used ANY DAY! I jus saw one in EUROPE that got to 187 and stick like ROAD GLUE! 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes. But then so is a Sonata. Prices begin at $58,000 (downer). You can only take one other (downer). $80 dollar oil change (downer). Hard to get out of (downer). Tires cost $200, or more (downer).

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The downside is that the entry-level MSRP price STARTS at $58,900

    We know you can't afford one so go troll someplace else.

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