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Looking for the name of a movie, probably from the 70s, where a man honks at nuns.?

There’s a movie, probably from the 70s, where a man frequently honks at nuns crossing the street. At some point he’s sad or depressed about something and fails to honk. When he does not honk the nuns look at him and look a little confused because they are used to him honking. Does anyone know the name of that movie?


The nuns are not central to the plot; the movie is not specifically about nuns.

Update 2:

That’s it! “Mother, Jugs and Speed”. Thank you so much!

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    The movie that immediately came to mind was Mother, Jugs & Speed (1976) starring Bill Cosby (Mother), Raquel Welch (Jugs), Harvey Keitel (Speed), and Larry Hagman. The movie is about ambulance workers dealing with the problems of the job. 

    In the movie, Mother (Bill Cosby) loves to scare nuns crossing the street with his ambulance. He likes to drive right up to them crossing the street, then hits the sirens and lights to scare them. At one point, after a tragedy in the movie, he drives up to them crossing the street, but doesn't scare them, causing them to wonder what's going on with him. However, at the end of the movie when everything is right again, he once again buzzes the nuns, sending them running. Use the search topic below to find the scene online. 

    Mother, Jugs and Speed - Buzzing the nuns!

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    The Nun's Story

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    I'm not sure, but I found this:

    A police officer saw a car full of nuns going much too slow for the highway they were on. He pulled them over and went up to the driver. "Why are you going so slow?"

    The nun that was driving then replied "That sign right there says 20."

    The police officer looked at the sign. "That's the highway number that you are on."

    "Oh, sorry officer."

    The police officer looked in the back seat to see three nuns that looked like they were terrified. "What's wrong with them?" the officer asked. The nun that was driving looked back at them. "We just got off of highway 190."

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