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Is dyfs coming to take my child ?

I live in a women's shelter for women with kids. It's set up in an apartment building and everyone has their own apartment. The people who work her normally do inspections themselves to make sure everyone apartments are fine and they also have people come out to exterminate. When they do this they post flyers in the hall and elevator. This time the woman who works here came knocking at my door saying the state will be coming to my place to inspect and how they didn't know the "inspectors" were coming. I heard her knock at another person door after mine. I feel like they're trying to take my child away. 2 days and the "inspectors" never came but they might tomorrow. And I'm upset because I've been through enough and now they're possibly trying to take my child. I might just be making an assumption but if they were coming to inspect everyone's place there would've been flyers instead. 

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    It could be a compliance check if the shelter receives state money. It would check that the apartments are in good repair and safe. They don’t usually don’t go to every apartment so they might pick apartments that they know are well kept in order to make the inspection move quickly (hence only knocking on certain doors). If you have a concern about what this inspection is, the call the people that work there and ask. They should be able to give you the information that might help ease some anxiety. 

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