What category leaderboards are updated?

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  • 2 months ago
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    None.   When they took away the comments,  they also stopped updating the category leaderboards. 

    They WERE working up to that point.   Many don't believe so , because many are so topped out with prolific point gamers,  that there isn't too much movement on them,  until you crack that rarified top ten list. 

    But one of the very last things that happened,  right before they froze the category leaderboards, is that  I knocked off the 9th place person,  on the Politics  category........taking their spot......*finally* taking a space among the top 9 . 

    (there is no 10th place.....as some boards  simply lose spaces when an account is suspended) 

    not a week later.......the boards were frozen......so I remain at 9th place. 

    Same was true over on the Jokes and Riddles category.........I was actually catching up to the person above me, on the list and was just 2 lousy BA's  away from *finally* passing them........and then they froze the boards! 

    two stinking answers away  from taking their spot.......and then they froze me in place.    Bummer. 

    ah well,  the overall leaderboards   have been frozen for years...... Conley passed Aunt Katie ages ago........but the list doesn't reflect that. 

    They still have me as 47th, and I am more like  20th,  pointwise......and if you take away all the suspended accounts and obvious point gamers,    I am actually more top 5. 

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