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If I'm flying to Maui and they require me to have a negative Covid test result 72 hours prior to departure, when should I take the test?

I don't know if I need to take the test and provide results 72 hours before departure, and no less than 72 hours, or do they want results within 72 hours of flying?  The latter would make more sense from a health perspective, but their wording is confusing.

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    They want the sample to have been taken within 3 days of the flight, meaning the results will come at some time closer to flying, or possibly even after you arrive in Hawaii.

    Be careful to look at the approved list of test providers.  Not just any test will do.  I believe CVS and Walgreens are on the list, but don't take my word for it.  I have also heard rumor that a test is offered at some airports when you depart, but personally wouldn't risk being wrong on that.

    It is not possible to take the test after you land in Hawaii.

    If you are in California, test processing tends to be rather quick, so if you test 3 days before your flight, you will likely get your results well ahead of your flight.  I have also heard rumor that they aren't strict about 72 hours, so if you're leaving, say, Friday night, a test from any time on Tuesday would be accepted, even if it was technically longer than 72 hours.  However, again, I wouldn't risk everything on that rumor.

    Source(s): I volunteer at a pop-up COVID testing center for my county in Santa Clara. The turnaround times for my most recent tests (negative) were 26, 14, and 27 hours.
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    They want the test and the results within 72 hours of take off. Take the test two or three days before flying.

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    Wherever you plan to get the test, some give instant results and some take longer. Ask well in advance and take the test to have results dated within 72 hours before the flight. That's results within 3 days.

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