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Moved from midwest to PNW trouble adjusting ?

This past spring I moved from a town on the Ohio/PA border to a bit south of Seattle, and really am having a hard time adjusting. Back home there was so much to do during winter months close by, had multiple rivers to fish within a 20 minute drive plus great hunting on public land a 10 minute walk away. So far this fall I've tried salmon fishing but every open river seems so far away, really not a fan of driving almost two hours each way to go and try to catch a fish. Hunting around here seems to be a bust too. So many woods, but everything is posted. Really what is there to do around here? Everyone back there told me I was moving to a great place, but even people here ask why I moved and say it sucks. Yea. I know covid and all, but it still seems like a lame place for outdoor activities unless I like driving hours upon hours..

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    I am from south jersey, I lived in west Seattle, Kirkland, and worked in Capitol Hill for 5 years. Seattle is beautiful and I miss it all the time, however I found that people there were not welcoming and had a horrible life changing experience there. People in Seattle are not like people in New Jersey and that takes getting used to. You will miss home for sure because people here communicate and interact and they don’t so much there. Come home

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