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I have RTX 2080 ti and i7-9700k 16gb ram.

I've played lots of games my GPU gets to like 60-70 Celcius. When I play csgo my GPU stays at about 50celcius and I get 130fps. I think should be getting at least 240fps???

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    You're right, you should be getting higher FPS in CS:GO. With an overclocked Xeon E5-1680 v2 and a GTX 1080ti I can get around 260fps and over 300fps with an overclcoked 9900k and GTX 1080ti. You should see well over 300fps with your setup. If you're a CS:GO player then you know that a higher FPS reduces input latency. 

    The first thing I'd suggest looking at is to see if something like Adaptive Sync or V-Sync is enabled. 

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    Can you even tell the difference between 130 and 240 fps?

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    and what is the response time of your monitor?  slow monitor won't let the game run as fast as possible ...

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    Does your monitor support 240fps? not many do.

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