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What's the most powerful GPU on the market?

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    Uses the most electricity or gives the best performance on a single or multiple monitors at what resolution(s)?

    See for comparisons.

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    changes approximately every other month.  for current answer, see gaming source online such as tomshardware

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    2 months ago

    The most powerful GPU currently available is the (priced at at least $1,430).

    This GPU is 11% more powerful than the second most powerful GPU, the (priced at at least $700).

    Things might change in the not too distant future though with both AMD and Nvidia gearing towards releasing their respective next generation GPUs.


    The first AMD Radeon Vega GPU, AMD Radeon RX Vega Frontier, has just been made available for pre orders on Scan UK () and Sabre PC () and it looks like we may have a new most powerful consumer GPU on our hands.

    The Titan Xp gives us 12 tflops whereas, according to currently available benchmarks, the Vega Frontier gives us 13.1 tflops.

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