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And when you've seen what's been achieved is there a feeling that you've been deceived?

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    Oh yes.  It is amazing what President Trump did for us in such a short time.  I can't believe that more democrats didn't see it.  I can't believe they can't even see that the old democrat party is dead.  My dad would turn over in his grave is the old saying.  The Republic Party is now the old Democrat Party as long as President Trump runs it.  When we lose President Trump we are doomed in America.  If this happens, we will see it quickly. The Dems are using the China Virus, but Trump's vaccine is here.  They never did think of anything but shut down the economy.  Worthless!  The Democrats are not worried about the people.  They want control of everything and our freedoms will suffer.  I can see the handwriting on the wall. And look at Biden's choice for Vice President.  He scraped the barrel.

  • David
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    2 months ago

    As I wrote earlier...

    People who voted for Biden because they thought Trump did an awful job of dealing with the Covid-19 global pandemic must be feeling pretty foolish about now.  It's kind of like complaining that your boyfriend forgot your birthday right before he springs a surprise marriage proposal ON your birthday.  (Now don't you feel like a real @sshole for voting him out?)  

    What literally happened is...

    While Trump and his team were working furiously making arrangements to eliminate Covid-19...not just in the United States but (with all the subsidized vaccines Trump helped create FAST) World-Wide...

    The liberals and the liberal media were spinning a lie that Trump was making the Covid-19 global pandemic WORSE.  

    Do I personally feel deceived?  No, I don't listen to libs or lib media.  But obviously there are many millions of Americans who do listen to the liars...

    By late Spring or early Summer of 2021, it's going to be a widely known and accepted reality that President Trump and his OWS have literally saved the world.  That single act alone makes Trump a true hero and one of the best presidents of all time, PERIOD.   I've seen people joke about adding Trump to Mount Rushmore...but now that we know what an awesome thing he did it doesn't seem like such a crazy idea.  

    President Trump literally saved the f*cking WORLD!!!  

    Can we say that about any of the presidents on Mount Rushmore already?  NO.

    And what is UP with the governor of New York?  He apparently wants to deny the vaccine to all the people of New York state just because it was created by a Republican?  REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?  Now it really pegs the irony scale that libs like Pelosi were trying to impeach Trump.  Yeah, I can understand the governor wanting to make sure the vaccine is safe by running his own tests on it.  But last I checked, dozens of people a day were dying in New York state because of Covid-19.  If there is an approved and effective vaccine, shouldn't it go to everyone immediately, regardless of the political affiliation of the man who created it?

    If you don't want to give Trump credit for saving your state, for saving the United States and saving the whole world then don't.  But at least be mature enough to do the right thing by accepting his help in ridding your state of this terrible disease..

    Trump has good reason to hate Democrats at the moment.  But he's clearly taking the high road and fighting hard to help ALL the people, in spite of the fact that 70-some odd million of them have betrayed him...

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