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I qualify for in-state tuition for a university by my dad who lives away from me, would I put his or my address on my app.?

My dad, who I am financially dependant upon and will continue to be, is a resident of a different state to me but I know that since I am dependent on him I would qualify for in-state tuition, which tuition residency is a separate application after acceptances. It would also show on my high school transcripts that I didn't go to high school in the same state as my dad. Would it cause problems to put my actual address on my application or should I put my dad's address since I am on the lease and meet the qualifications for instate tuition through him?  

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  • MS
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    2 months ago

    To avoid trouble, use your father's address in the state where you are hoping to claim residence.  You may very well have to provide further documentation to make sure that you meet the in-state residency criteria of that school. 

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