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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingNewborn & Baby · 5 months ago

Just feeling angry and frustrated with baby, normal or not?

I have a high needs baby (not special needs) and my baby is extremely spoiled, demanding and spoiled. It's made me develop a bitter attitude and I'm always angry and frustrated. I was childfree for years and it's crazy how when I finally decide to have a baby I have such a annoying difficult child. My baby isn't even one yet and it's like he's in his terrible twos already at 9 months old. It's so draining and the only time I get a break is when he's napping. Feeling like I ruined my life!!

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    5 months ago
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    I agree you should seek help. A baby is a handful it’s normal to get a bit annoyed here and there but you sound as if you’re annoyed all together. I’m not judging you and no one should after you have a baby a lot of hormones get out of place and you don’t get enough sleep or eat well and all baby’s are high maintenance they all want attention but it’s he’s 9months and you haven’t adjusted then you probably need help or even someone to help you out with him give you a break. Is your partner in the picture?  I have 2 kids a 3 year old and a 9month old and the first month my son was born I would get sooo angry I think it was the hormones because my 3yr old would cry and scream for everything and so would the baby and I lost my marbles a few times and I feel awful about it now but I was adjusting as-well as my 3 yr old she probably felt less loved and my lack of sleep would piss me off but I adjusted and though there are days I get overwhelmed it’s not crazy like that first month.  It’s always going to be tough raising a baby one or two or more they are tough but don’t let the anger get to you  love your baby as much as you can they grow up so quick. Get help talk to a doctor. Don’t miss out on a healthy baby someone else can’t have. 

  • 5 months ago

    i was feeling the same way when my baby was born, he is my second but I was feeling extremely overwhelmed as well as angry and frustrated all the time. You most likely have postpartum depression as you feel overwhelmed, as it is very different going from being alone and having the opportunity to do as you please, to constantly having to care for your child. A baby is forever and that's something you and your partner should have thought of before even considering having one, you cant do nothing about it now my only advice would be to have a relative take care of it for a bit when you feel overwhelmed and stressed, it helped me but I can't always have someone else taking care of my child so I learned to cope with it having two is far more difficult than having one, sometimes a baby carrier helps i can get more stuff done that. when you need to shower take them inside with you if you have a baby chair, i do this and poke my head out occasionally to let my baby know I'm there, no it does not get easier but eventually it'll pass just breathe and think to yourself that him crying is not an emergency ' they won't die, if they cry just till you finish what you need to do. it is very overwhelming and stressful but try giving them distraction such as toys , find activities he/ she enjoys doing alone empty water bottle with glitter , there are plenty of ways to find distractions for the baby so you can get you're stuff done remember in your head to  practice saying a mantra . when i feel overly stressed i tell my self this is not an emergency over and over till i feel calm works everytime.  please don't ever take you're frustration out on the baby they didn't ask to be conceived or even born they are tiny and helpless which makes it easier for people to take advantage , them crying is only for the  moment and not forever always remember please, t

  • 5 months ago

    Seek out immediate mental health support.  This is NOT normal and can be a part of post partum depression, it needs to be halted before something bad occurs either to you or the baby.  No one said raising a child was supposed to be easy, but, you should not be constantly irritated or angry at a nine month old child.  

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