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Why do radical feminists dislike Men?

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    "Why do radical feminists dislike Men?"

    It really comes down to their indoctrination.  Today's radical feminist and misandrist sjw's are the logical progression of having prominent feminists who have been making shameless pronouncements of man-hate over the decades with no call-out against their misandry. In effect, the unchallenged bigotry and hatred against men has pretty much advanced right into the acceptance of man-hate as part of the feminist ideology today. 

    You can read several examples of prominent feminists making their man-hating statements on the public record here:

    And in today's world we witness the misandry-creep that has made it right into the mainstream of feminism. What were radical ideas yesteryear, are mainstream today in feminism. Nobody seemed to be concerned when Julie Bindel called for all men to be put into concentration camps. No one seems outraged when Jessica Valenti blatantly baits male derision when she proudly and shamelessly wears a t-shirt that says "I bathe in male tears". And it was no big deal when thousands of self-identified feminists were re-tweeting #KillAllMen


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    Same reason radical MRA/MGTOW types dislike women. Some people are generalizing bigots who have no desire to make the effort to define people as individuals. It's lazy thinking to just discount half of the planet.

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