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I need encouragement ?

I’m literally just using this as a way to vent, and maybe you can relate or give some advice but please don’t troll. I’m tired of being sad. I have so much I want to do with my life and I feel like I’m failing at everything. It’s so hard to just get out of bed , and I tell myself just one step at a time and you’ll feel motivated again, but the motivation doesn’t come and I feel like I’m half assing at life. I’ve struggled with walking depression for most of my life . I met a boy who gave me a reason to keep going( Ik stupid ) but he’s gone now. He’s been gone for 6 months , and everyday I hope to be that happy again. It was the first time in my life I felt like I was enough, and I enjoyed life even if he wasn’t around. Ik I should be over it by now so why tf does it still sit with me. I’ve never had such a hard time getting over a boy but I truly loved everything about him. That’s literally the only thing I can think of that would be making me so sad. The Shittiest part is I have absolutely no reason to be like this. I have amazing friends, a job, and a roof over my head . Ppl are happy with far less which makes me feel incredibly selfish. I don’t know I guess I’m just tired of not wanting tomorrow to come. I don’t want to die but I also don’t necessarily want to live. Everyday it’s the same ****.


Weed seems to be the only thing that helps quiet my thoughts , but I don’t want to be high all through my life .

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    Well, venting is ok or we would all explode. 

    There is depression when we are sad because something happened.

    But then there is 'clinical depression' when we are sad/ miserable/ sleep all the time/ lethargic for no outside reason. 

    You seem to be on the had a breakup 6 months ago...but now you don't care about anything/ don't want to be awake, no motivation, that's more like clinical depression (feeling 'flat', nothing matters, sleepy, no interest / motivation).

    You say 'I need encouragement' but the kind of encouragement you need in 'clinical' must be from within, within you, as you say despite the breakup, your life is not at all that's not what is keeping you down and sad. 

    It's your inner light that burns low. A psychologist (a real one) can/ will help you build up your inner being (your spirit) again.     


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    The world's gone crazy...

    It's a mess...

    Nobody trusts anyone...

    And I feel like an idiot waking up in the morning now....

    Life's not that great...

    I hope the Children all have better future's.

    That's the most terrifying thing about all of this....

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    In my country you will be said to have retardation of the mental abilities. I am so sorry my friend because this can not be cured by any means available.

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