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do u ever miss Boston?


i constantly miss Boston. But i guess it just wasnt meant to be.

Anyone else have a similar feeling?

Just asking nicely. Take care. bye

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  • 2 months ago

    I do. I lived most my life in Boston. (Moved to California in 2003, then to Hawaii in 2018.)

    I miss the environment that Boston offered with both foods and economic opportunity. (Love the fish & chips at Kelly's. :-9) Plus travel by the "T" can't be beat. California and Hawaii doesn't have much in terms of rapid transit other than a bus system. (I HATE to drive.)

    What I don't miss is the high humidity in the summer and the blizzard snow during the winters. (Broke my back trying to shovel my car out only to have it snowed in again by a plow-truck.)

    Reminiscing... Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Museum of Science, Copley Sq., Park St., Government Ctr., Downtown Crossing (formerly Washington Station), Quincy Market, UMass Boston, Boston Library, Longfellow Bridge (aka Salt and Pepper Bridge), Charlestown Navy Yard...

    Source(s): Former Bostonian living in Honolulu. Mahalo.
  • 2 months ago

    No, but I enjoy it when I visit there.

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