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Why are health organizations so quick to discredit natural, harmless  therapies for COVID-19 ?

Everytime  I look up something like steam inhalation, or certain natural  teas...the first official World Health Organization  page I find  always says "there is no evidence that xyz natural  remedy helps with covid"

I find this highly suspicious. When it comes to all other diseases, health organizations encourage health diet for example, camamille helps with blood pressure, tumeric helps with diabetes....but all of a sudden when it comes to COVID-19...there are no natural solutions ?

If its NOT harmful why 

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    They're not discrediting anything, they're just saying that there is no hard scientific evidence to suggest that the treatment is in any way effective. As soon as hard evidence becomes available, they may change their opinion. Thats the way science WORKS. 

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    Do YOU have any evidence?  Have you seriously studied these things in trials?

    No one's discouraging a healthy diet, and if you want to try herbs, go ahead. The WHO isn't saying you can't.  They are simply saying that there's no EVIDENCE yet that these things help.

    That should be obvious to you, for God's sake.

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    The FDA and WHO have been notorious for demonizing natural medicine. 

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    there are plenty ways to cure....yes cure covid19 but NWO want you to die.

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  • 3 months ago

    maybe cause it dont work

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    Several reasons. We know very little about Covid-19, don't fully understand its mechanism, full impact or long-term effects. What we do understand however is that it's extremely contagious, develops vey rapidly and is deadly in about 7% of cases. That means you don't have the option to screw around with natural therapies. In the worst cases, patients often die in less than 48 hrs-- You gonna tell their family members they should have tried "steam?"

    Also, pneumonia (which is what kills Covid19 patients) isn't cured or treated by natural medicine. We're not talking about the common cold or a case of sniffles. With any infection that severe and that pervasive, natural medicine would only get you into a coffin faster.

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    Because they don't work.

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