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Why is it okay for my neighbors to fly a BLM flag but NOT okay for me to fly my Confederate flag?

My neighbors across the street have a BLM flag on a 60 foot pole and they believe everyone on the block should share their support for BLM.  They even brought me over a BLM flag to put on my pole but I politely declined the offer.  They told me only a racist and bigot would have a problem with the BLM flag.  I decided to put out a flag pole and fly 'Old Glory'.  I'm the only house in the neighborhood with a US flag in the yard.  The neighbors came back to my door and complained because they said I had the shortest flagpole in the neighborhood and that was disrespectful to the US flag.  The place right next door to me has a BLM flag with an LGBTQ flag below it on a 60 foot pole.  My pole is only 30 feet, but why do I need to buy a taller flag pole just because my neighbors have taller poles?

In response to their complaint about me flying a US flag on my 30 foot pole, I decided to fly my confederate flag (rebel battle flag) so they called the cops to complain.  I was advised to take the flag down because they said these things just cause trouble and they didn't want to have to return.

So why can't I be offended by a BLM flag if others are offended by my Confederate flag?


Does my refusal to fly a BLM fag make me a bigot?

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    Because according to them ONLY Whites can be racist. 

  • 2 months ago

    You can fly whatever flag you want.

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