Does the media ‘condition’ readers/viewers to achieve a preferred public opinion?

The New York Times, ‘Fighting Election Results, Trump Employs New Weapon: The Government’, Peter Baker/Lara Jakes, 11/10/2020

A statement from the article proclaims “… evidence shows there was no widespread conspiracy … ” Excuse me, but, if there was no conspiracy, no evidence will exist at all. Non-existent evidence can’t prove there was no conspiracy. Why would ‘professional’ journalists endeavor to persuade the public that no evidence is concrete proof there was no conspiracy? Is this just poor English from professional journalists … or is it CONDITIONING to get the public to believe a preferred storyline?? There’s a reason the American public is suspicious … of everything, but especially politics. We have good reason to believe we’re being sold a fictitious bill of goods every election cycle, liberal or conservative. This cycle is no different. What’s truly sad, however, is that the First Amendment is being misappropriated to sell us that fictitious bill of goods. It would seem Americans have every right to be suspicious.

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    Absofuckinglutely! This is what the LIEberal left socialist demoCROOK controlled MSM AND the party has done since the moment Trump announced his candidacy for POTUS! There are MOUNTAINS of PROOF of this but the most recent is how the MSM has ignored talking about the PROOF of Hunter "kiddie humper" crackhead Biden and quid pro quo braindead Joe Biden used and abused Joe's VP position for they're own personal and financial gains, how the announcement that a vaccine for the coronavirus was delayed over a WEEK until AFTER the election was over and how Nazi PIGosi and the demoCROOKS in the house of congress have REFUSED to do ANYTHING for the PEOPLE and second round of coronavirus relief UNLESS Trump and the republicans ALSO agreed to add TRILLIONS to our national debt to bail out demoCROOK ran states that are now BANKRUPT because of they're poor money management and lack of tax income while those governors keep they're states locked down!!

  • I'm thrilled with Gary's enthusiasm. No so much with his uncivil language. There's plenty of that on the left and we should present conservatives in a better light. However, would love to sit down with him over a cold one and discuss the country's future.

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    You just had 4 years of Trump lying to the American people about how respected you are abroad. Sure, if respected means people are moving on without you and your fat retarded hero.

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    The point of the article is that Trump is using the federal government to resist the results of the election and no US president in history has ever done that. The evidence of no widespread conspiracy includes the statements of the election officials in the states, as has also been reported by the Times. 

    Trump is accomplishing his purpose of spreading suspicion and distrust of the American electoral system because he lost.  If he had won, he'd be saying just the opposite. He still doesn't know how to behave like a real president. 

    In any case, Mr. Conspiracy Theorist, why didn't the media condition the public to have Democrats just outright take over the Senate?  Present your evidence or cease and desist from spreading rumors, lies, discord and more divisiveness. 

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    Evidence probably meaning reports of voter fraud have been localized and insignificant, pointing to the idea that a widespread statistically significant voter fraud effort did not occur.

    Evidence probably meaning that poll watchers (professionals not the jags that Trump tried to send  to polls and cause voter intimidation) are assigned to monitor polling locations across the country and have not reported widespread efforts of voter fraud.

    Indeed when there have been cases of fraud, they are discovered and quickly handled. 

    It is true to some extent that conservatives right now are trying to force dems to prove a negative (i.e. you can't prove it didn't happen!). But really, I think all the media, including the NYT, is trying to do is state in no uncertain terms that election results should largely be trusted *IN LIGHT OF THE FACT of the president's terrible misinformation campaign. A lie repeated over and over will soon feel true to people. The truth needs to bury the lie.

    I will concede that news organizations tend to have some bias, but that has always been and will always be true of anything having to do with people. If you want raw data, have fun sifting through each local precinct and read the AP Wire.

    ... which also doesn't contain reports indicating widespread voter fraud.  

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    No doubt the can direct the lemmings to think the way they want.. This election is a great example.. Never said anything about the good Trump did but pounded all the trivial and bad..

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