Best cargo van or moving box rental?

I am looking to move from Seattle to New York in December. I don't have very much stuff (may not even be taking my bed) and I'm on a budget so I want to keep the cost of a rental truck down. I've been looking into moving boxes like the PODS or U-Haul boxes, as they're cheaper than a whole 16+ ft truck. I also am intersted in the idea of a cargo van. It seems like a lot of moving/truck rental placed like Penkse don't offer vehicles as small as a cargo van and car rental places don't have anything larger than a SUV. What would be the in-between for moving some houseplants (hardest thing will be keeping these warm enough in a vehicle in December), art, a couple small furniture pieces, etc? We also have to figure out how to get the car across the country if we'll be trading off driving the van in order to get there in minimum days. 

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  • 3 months ago

    Obviously, you have a cell phone or computer.  Most, if not all, of the moving options you mentioned have either a website and telephone number.  You can visit the website for a quote, or you can call for a quote.

    Source(s): why do you expect us to do your "work" for you?
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