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Covid question ?

So my roommate has had Covid since Wednesday the 28th and he is still coughing and I tested positive on Sunday and still feel really bad. The roommate is going to the Walmart and the grocery store and I believe he went to work today. My bf got new results today and is still positive. Should this roommate be doing all this stuff or am I just worrying too much?

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    2 months ago
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    Anyone who tests positive should be in quarantine! He’s purposely infecting others. He may feel well enough to go shopping, but he could infect someone who will die. He’s being selfish and irresponsible. 

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    The average time before symptoms show is 5 days.

    If he developed symptoms on the 28th, then he likely became contagious on the 25th.  Most people are not contagious for the full 2 week period, but let's pretend he is, that would take him to Nov 8th.  This note was written on the Nov 10th, 2 days after the 8th.

    There are many people who test positive for both active covid and antibodies at the same time.

    If your boyfriend's employer (or another activity) won't let him return until he has a negative test, then that's their policy and allowed.  However, it has nothing to do with the contagion period.  Some people will test positive for only 8 days and some 30 days but that has nothing to do with when you can transmit it to others. 

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    NO, they should not!

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    Preferably he should stay home, but if he has to go out he needs to wear a GOOD mask, and keep his distance from others.

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    he is spreading the Virus, you should tell his employer.

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    He should not be doing any of that.  He should be staying home.  Others will get the virus from him at work and maybe the other places as well.

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    2 months ago

    Hold him at gunpoint.

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