How long should I let me 09 Jetta TDI warmup before I drive off?

I have an 09 VW Jetta 2.0 TDI engine, so its a diesel engine. My dad told me that I should give it more time, like 5 mins or so to warmup but I honestly think I give it way more time than it needs. I think I usually let the car idle for 7 mins at minimum until I feel confident that I can drive off without having any engine issues. 

Or if I leave it to idle for about 3-4 mins, usually I'll drive off slow to let the oil circulate through the engine to warm it up. 

So, in warm weather how long should I let it warmup, and in cold weather how long should I let it warm?


I live in Toronto if that helps

Update 2:

And one more thing I'll throw in here, my car has a check engine light on. My cousin who is a mechanic, used to drive this car before he gave it to me. He checked it at first and told me that when I start the engine, I have to wait for this swigigly circle thing on the dash to disappear, then turn it on. It worked. I showed my dad how to turn it on, but he somehow messed up at one point. Now the CEL won't disappear. My cousin said its not urgent. I've had this CEL for a year since driving it.

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  • 2 months ago

    You are creating your OWN PROBLERM! You sue the squiggly thing to get the car STARTED! You shoudl THEN JUST DRIVE OFF and NOT allow the car to SIT at ALL unless it is 20 below ZERO! ALL CARS are made to START and GO and do NOT trust the opinion of the guy that told you to NOT pay attention to the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT! Any AUTO ZOEN wil check the codes for FREE! Use ONLY OIL  that is 592/505 oil and NEVER VALVOLINE! It requires FULL EUROPEAN SYNTETIC DIESEL OIL. The ENGEIN OIL Is circulating at full pressure at START UP so you do NOT HAVE TO WAIT for it to "CIRCULATE>" you are WASTING FUEL and hurting the EXHAUST SYSTEM and maybe even the EMISSIONS system! DO NOT DO THAT ANYMORE! Just START and DRIVE AWAY! the car AUTOMATICALLY changes the oil pressure all BY ITSEOF  during warmup and while driving it! COLLECT YOUR TROUBLE CODES an dog from there, but DO NOT perpetually WARM THE CAR UP! You MAY need a new EXHAUST before you know it! MAJOR EXOPENSE! Use LIQUI MOLY DIESEL PURGE once every few months following the instruction on the CAN! USING THE RIGHT PEZNNOIL SYNTHETIC gives a 500,000 mile extended engine warranty! DO NOT BELIEVE the guy who told you there is NOTHIGN WRONG with the CHECK ENGINE SYSTEM! VERIFY at ONCE before you get in to very PRICEY troubles! the litlle LIGHT IS TELLING THAT THE glow plugs are ON or OFF! You need to use the GLOW PLUGS to get the combustion chambers warm enough to fire off the DIESSEL FUEL! There are NO SPARK PKUGS! It is SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION! EXPECT 500,000 miles + on this thing! Using the WRONG CHEAP OIL will eventually cost you the DIESEL PUMP about $3,000 new>>>but there is a way to REBUILD IT for a few hundred using a BOSCH recycling center! 

  • 2 months ago

    Two minutes should be enough and three should be a maximum

  • F
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    2 months ago

    As Barry says, but drive gently until the temperature gauge is at normal.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Your Location helps this time of the year. It ain't California. The is not a gas car so immediate drive off does not apply.  You will know if the weather is too cold & the engine is too cold for you will make 100 feet before the car stalls out.  5 minutes is like FOR-EVAR. Hell, if you ain't experiencing snow yet, 2 minutes seems like forever but you need to get the oil circulating like into the Turbo...if you are going to be demanding acceleration Immediately as your driveway backs onto a highway? No place I know of does do have to drive the little roads to access the if that is maybe 5 km of byway before the highway then you can ease up to going for the gusto until then.  Thus giving the engine enough time to "lube up" before you spool up...the turbo.  I plug in my diesel in the winter months "just because I like the heat inside the car" instantly.

    "The squiggly circle thing is Orange?  It is on for about 6 seconds before you turn the key to engage the starter?  That is the  GLOW PLUG sensor timer. 6 is the fast glow and 20sec is the slow glow plugs.  If you want to change to the fast glow plugs you also need to change the glow plug RELAY AS WELL AS THE GLOW PLUGS. You don't have spark plugs. If you have in the kitchen an electric stove, when you turn it on high, the element will glow red hot. (if you only have incandescent light bulbs, that wire that glows is doing the same thing. Getting red hot and heating the area.(about the size of a round bean) which is part of the combustion chamber.  The glow plug light will NOT tell you if the glow plugs are burnt out.  I have managed to drive a winter and summer before I found out only 1 glow plug was working. That was enough to start the car even in -25C  weather.

    . As soon as the glow plug light turns off you crank the motor. It should start instantly. DO NOT TOUCH THE GAS PEDAL. It starts faster that way.  You then know what the S button is for? This aids in starting a cold engine by advancing the injection timing by a "Cuunt" hair when you fully pull it out.  When the weather is snowy(warm@-1) I leave it out for a bit and I drive off in under a minute.   

    . The stalling has happened to me a few times because I did not wait that extra few minutes.  So maybe 3 minutes.  If it is -40C you have to wait longer than say -4 or +20C.  It is all cold as the engine runs at 190F (so anything less is cold)

    . I did not have a Turbo most times(I have had 4 diesels) so the length of time I waited was maybe a minute & 1/2.  Most of my roads in my area are 50KPH roads. so no mad rush to go anywhere.

    Other people mess it up because they are not used to waiting for the glow plug light to turn off.  Some do not realize that the ignition key is a 2 stage switch and do everything in one turn. Like a gas engine.    

    I am now driving a gas pot but still turn on the car like it was a diesel.  First ignition lights; then hesitate and then crank the starter.  Been in the habit of doing that for 15 years.   No harm...except the loss of a few seconds.

    Do remember to check your oil level weekly and carry oil with you. So easy to carry an extra Liter with the screw on caps.

    Commercial big trucks drive diesels because they are basically trouble free.  Trucker would rather be driving than having the truck in the shop and their truck idles for hours without a problem.  It is warm and cozy when they jump into the cab.  Now for 14 hours of continuous driving.(almost as long as playing a video game) non stop.

    I have not had the CEL light problem.  Are you a city driver. Driving short distances city streets. 50KPH?    If so then you NEED to take the car out for a burn. Drive it 30 miles away from your house at 100KPH and back again. Your catalytic converter (well it is not a Cat. but a DPF)"Diesel Particulate Filter"   Driving the vehicle at highway speed activates it so it can do its Voodoo magic and burn the particulates(soot particles) that have built up inside the it is like a second furnace to burn up the soot build up and clear out the exhaust pipe so the car is running cleaner.

    It is something you got to do once a week as diesels are meant for long distance driving(not grocery getter putt putts.     The CEL should turn off.  Your NOX output will also be lower.  Your vehicle will have a DPF.  The older ones didn't. You are stuck with it and it does not burn don't allow them to sell you another one...when all you need is a road burn to get the thing working as it should.

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  • ?
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    2 months ago

    Thanks to technology, the newer cars have a display light indicating for how long should a diesel engine warm up. There is a symbol that lights up as soon as you put in that key or open the car’s door. In older cars, the wait time was around 20 seconds. On the other hand, in cars with newer engines, only 6-8 seconds wait time before starting off is required.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    you need to get an OBD2 scanner or to go an auto parts store and have them check the engine light.

  • 2 months ago

    All that is needed is a minute for the oil pressure to come up so that the bearings are protected. If you want heat in the car before getting on the road let it warm up longer. The reason diesel's are warmed up is for semi's to be up to temperature before hauling heavy loads.

  • Barry
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    2 months ago

    It's a mistake to warm up a car unless you need to demist or defrost. All manufacturers recommend that you drive off straight away after starting the engine. Warming up increases wear on the engine as it's estimated that 75% of wear occurs during this period. Engines are built to function properly at full working temperature so the quicker this is achieved the better.

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