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my teacher is making me take algebra and i'm learning nothing. i'm in special ed?

i don't get it. and my teacher basically walks me through every single step until i get it right. whats the point? should i push to transfer back to sped math. i'm passing but only because they walk me through it i can't remember the steps. i barely remember percentages let alone algebra


i just think i'd benefit from real life math. i worry ill get cheated buying  car or something

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    You may possibly have Dyscalculia, which is a math learning disability.  Get your doctor to test you for it.  

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    Your not special ed unless you have been diagnosed and have a IEP program. Though you might need some extra touting or something or to study

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    How about talking it over with your parents, school counselor, and/or teacher.  For those who have been "classified" by the Child Study Team (as having a learning or emotional disability), the student is supposed to be eligible to take a slower-paced math course, such as what you'd mentioned.  

    If you're getting math tutoring and still having such difficulty with algebra, perhaps you may consider whether transferring back to sped math this year is a good idea.  Perhaps your school counselor and/or Child Study Team members can look at your IEP (individualized education plan) and provide an update either way.

    It's my understanding that students in sped classes may get different assignments than their classmates that are based on his or her own skill level.  However, that may *not* necessarily pertain to math.  Perhaps you can talk that over with your parents, school counselor, cst members, and/or sped teacher(s).

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    You can do it - algebra is just solving puzzles and it's good for your brain. I bet you're smarter than you give yourself credit for. 

    You'll be surprised what you can do if you just practice, practice, practice. 

    Forget the steps - you may even figure out some short cuts and still get the right answers.  

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    The thing about math is, doing math exercises your brain. I even if you don't remember later how to do it, you are still benefitting from going through the problem when your teacher shows you the steps. 

    If the teacher believes for now that you can be in this class, then I think you should take his/her word for it and stay in the class for now. I'll turn your question around on you- what would be the point of you taking the special ed math class? Were you learning such an awful lot in there that makes it more valuable than this class? If not then stay in algebra and keep asking for all the help you need. 

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