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Philip H asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 5 months ago

This morning Lindsey Graham revealed the fact that the CIA provided the FBI with evidence that Hillary Clinton was the source of ?

that FALSE story about Trump's "collusion" with Russia so she could divert attention away from the investigation into her Felonious email server. So why did the FBI deliberately ignore that CIA provided information and go with a rumor started in a bar in Australia as their most important lead for their corrupt investigation?


Why do Anonymous participants almost always give such absurd answers?

Update 2:

WRONG AGAIN Anonymous. Check out this:

Hillary was busted, as regards her Server Felony, in 2015.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago
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    I'm not sure what Lindsey Graham is talking about. The Russia investigation did not begin with Hillary Clinton's campaign. We've known for several years now how it began.

    The origins of the Russia investigation go back to early summer 2016 when a trump foreign policy advisor named George Papadopoulos was in London having drinks with the Australian ambassador to the United Kingdom. During this drinking session Papadopoulos revealed that the Russian government had a large number of emails which they had stolen from Hillary Clinton. At the time, be Australian smart sure what to make of this. Shortly after, however, the Russians released a large batch of emails in an effort to damage Clinton's campaign. These emails have been stolen from the Democratic party, not Hillary Clinton herself, but the story was plus enough. The Australians realized that the only source that this Trump foreign policy advisor could have had for such information was the Russians themselves. They quickly informed the Americans that at least one advisor to the Trump campaign had Advance knowledge of the Russians attacks on the Democratic party and knew about them before that information was made public. The FBI obviously realized this was a major counter-intelligence issue. At least one advisor to someone who had a decent chance of becoming next president United States had apparently been compromised by Russian intelligence. They opened up an investigation to discover just how much the Trump campaign antenna trade-in by Russia.

    That's the origins of the Russia investigation. It has absolutely nothing to do with Hillary Clinton, other than that she was the victim of the attack by the Russians and a trump advisors Advanced knowledge of this attack trigger an alarm within the FBI. It's worth noting that this investigation was capped extraordinary hush-hush. It was initiated by the FBI director himself, James Comey, who is a Republican and was capped to a limited number of Agents. The political wing of the Obama Administration, meaning the White House, was not aware of the investigation until after the election

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    No cares about what Lindsey Graham has to say. That guy flip-flopped so many times. The evidence of that guy being a liar is overwhelming

    Remember what he said about apple having to unlock phones and then he lost his phone and was like thank God apple doesn't do that.

    Remember when he said in an election year a SCJ shouldn't be voted on under Obama. Then said use my words against me. And under Trump he had no problems with breaking that. He didn't even have to steal Obama's pick. If Obama put in an SCJ and Trump put in an SCJ it would have been more even.

  • L.F.
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    The real evidence is that Lindsey does not want his gay escorts to be revealed.

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