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Why is society more sympathetic to single women than single men?

Women have it easy in dating and can date whenever they want. Men are the ones who suffer in dating Yet we are endlessly mocked

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    "Why is society more sympathetic to single women than single men?"

    It has always been this way. This is an evolutionary outcome that places a higher value on women (and children) while allowing male disposability since this is an arrangement that works toward preservation of the species. So in effect, men and women are not equal at all and the whole equality idea is a sham.  Female hypergamy and the fact that it is completely ignored in every conversation with regards to the genders only adds to this sham.

    Women have a much higher sexual value than men do.  In fact, men's sexuality is increasingly criminalized at lower and lower thresholds these days to the point where "unwanted attention" is deemed to be sexual harassment in the court of law.  And both women AND men go along with that idea to protect a woman's sexual "honour" from men's sexual "depravity".

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    Sympathetic how? And what age group are you referring to? Because for younger women (20s), there's social pressure to get a boyfriend and be in a relationship, because women are more defined (by others) by relationship status whereas men are more defined by career status. When women are in their 30s, pressure gets both more intense and more obnoxious because "the biological clock is ticking," since women are also primarily defined by their ability to reproduce. Once women are 40+, they become all but invisible to society, and even if they want to date it's hard because men their own age are chasing after much younger women.

    The idea that you think women having it "easy" in dating is laughable at best. I won't even go into the sh*t we have to do to protect ourselves, like meeting dates in public places, guarding our drinks, walking to our cars with our keys between our fingers like claws, texting our friends or another loved one where we are and when we'll be home just so they know we made it home alive....

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    Where is society are people more sympathetic to single women? In what way are they sympathetic. Women have it easy in dating? How so? Don't women have to be asked for a date.... Well actually these days they don't but by and large they still do. So how do men suffer in dating exactly? And who endlessly mocked them?

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    Why do you think it's easier for women to date? I don't think it's easier..

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