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Why do people not try to improve on what their bad at?

I have a friend that can’t parallel park. We went out yesterday and he was the driver and there was a park but he had to parallel 

 park. He said he can’t do it so I ended up doing it. My thing is he’s 27, how can u be driving this long and not try to improve on this?  I tried kind of showing him as I was doing but he was just like he can’t do it. I get that no one is perfect but that is apart of driving. I’m 23 if I can do it then he can do it. 

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  • 2 months ago

    It's not a common part of driving for a lot of people. I live in a city and still rarely have to parallel park. As in I could count on one hand the number of times I've had reason to in a month rarely. I can do it, but at the same time if I couldn't then it wouldn't really matter(the few times I've had to I could have just parked further away from where I live, just means a longer walk). If you're talking about a commonly used driving skill I can see the problem. If this was something that your friend needed to do daily, or even weekly, I could understand the problem with why aren't they practicing and learning instead of giving up. Yeah I can see the argument they should practice instead of giving up anyway, but if it never comes up most people are going to give up.

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