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Why do some puppies become dependent?

Besides being taken away from the litter early, and changing owners....what makes a puppy dependent on its owner? Is it when the owner spends way too much time with dog? Is it because the owner spoils the dog?

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    As others have said, dogs and puppies are all reliant on their owners. If you mean emotionally, many factors can contribute to what makes a dog dependent. Much of it is about the owner and how they treat the dog.

    16 years ago I got a 2 year old lurcher from a rescue. For weeks, she wouldn't respond to me at all and spent her life hiding behind the sofa. She only ventured out to go outside with my other dog for toilet. And for her to even do that I had to open the door and leave the room. We just left her alone. Apart from letting her out, changing her water and feeding her we just let her be. In her own time she grew in confidence and then became a "velcro-dog". She had bad separation anxiety every time I went out. I'd gained her confidence in me. Now I had to work on her gaining confidence in herself. I asked my vet to put me in touch with a trainer. The trainers methods had to work for my girl so I picked positive reinforcement training. Soon I could go out to work and when I came home she was pleased to see me but she wouldn't rush over to me and jump all over me and refuse to leave my side for the rest of the day. That had nothing to do with her breed, age or history. Just time, patience and training. 

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    Unless a dog can catch its own food it is dependent on its owner.  Seems rather simple to me.

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    It's because they are pack animals.

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    A lot of it depends on breed - some are more independent than others.   And from my experience of my breed, gender.   Through their puppyhood there's not a lot of difference re being needy.   But once older, my girls were more independent for sure, with the boys needing me (sound familiar?).

    Puppies have to learn that their owners can't be there 24/7 but otherwise, I don't think any owner can 'spend too much time with the dog'.   Yes, an owner can spoil a puppy however but that usually manifests itself in too much food = getting overweight!!

    As for breed, my Whippet b itch has never been as dependent on me, as any of my Bassets were.

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    They are totally dependent on you from the very beginning.  They rely on you for every aspect of their lives.

    Within every litter there is a pecking order.  From the most dominate to the most submissive.  Google pecking order so you understand this.  Then you need to understand about the temperament of all the pups in the litter.  From the most dominate to the most submissive.

    They cannot get food without owner,  they could not get to water so owner has to keep water down for them at all times.  They would no survive without owner.  They rely on you for socialization & training.  They are 100% dependent on owner.

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    It can be partially genetics - some breeds are far more people dependent than others; but it is most often due to a lack of socialization between 8 weeks & 16 weeks.  Puppies need exposure to a total of 10 different sights, sounds, & types of surfaces per day.  

    This includes exposure to people & other dogs, once vaccinations are underway (say at 12 weeks) after two sets.  ideally intro to one or two dog-savvy friends - who have removed their shoes BEFORE entering your home (to prevent the possibility of transferring in any parvovirus on their shoes) might be the easiest option.  If another adult dog is vaccinated and friendly the puppy "might" be okay being introduced to a well-behaved dog (in say a private yard) but NOT at a dog park - which is full of germs.

    IMO (esp during Covid) too many puppies are being LOCKED INTO HOMES with ZERO exposure to anything or anyone. All puppies need to learn how to be okay being left alone. However, we now see many people ordering food, groceries and prescriptions delivered to their homes & NEVER LEAVING. Under these circumstances, the puppy cannot learn important self-satisfying (COPING skills) during the important socialization period & it becomes very people dependent - when no one...... leaves the home.  It learns this is "normal" when in REALITY it is anything but.... normal.  People need to WORK at teaching puppy the skills to being "okay" when left even if you have to go for a walk around the block, or just go out in your yard, BY YOURSELF for 10-20 minutes.

    When people do (suddenly) go back to work, this puppy may suffer panic, and go into anything from mild to major separation anxiety (misbehaviors) since it has no coping ability and is not used to this owner leaving which it may interpret as frightening or terrifying "abandonment" - not unlike a child - who gets lost from its parent in a crowded shopping mall.  I do not think a puppy (or child) would need to have been to be SPOILED in order for them to feel panic when they loose sight of their person. They simply have not LEARNED - what to do, until reunited.

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    All dogs are dependant on humans for their health care, exercise,training, shelter and  food.if you mean lack confidence/clingy then it can be genetic, can be lack of socialisation/training

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    Puppies can't feed themselves. That's why they are dependent.

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