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Seriously, liberals? Why the hell would you vote for Biden!?

The man promised to listen to SCIENTISTS, for God's sake! And what's this nonsense about him ending fracking? How un-American can you get!?

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    Now, lookie and my kinfolk done voted for our Lord and Savior, Donald J. Trump, 'cuz he done told me that he's bringin' back them there coal jobs, and he's gonna build that big ol' never you mind that they got themselfs some ladders down there in Mexico that can be used to climb right over that wall, cuz that don't matter.  Yes, that gosh-durned wall is gonna work anyways -- I just knows it, 'cuz Trump done told me so.  And Trump ain't never wrong.  He even told me that Mexico is fixing to foot the bill for building the whole dang'd wall, and I believe that too!

    And annuther thing, I don't care that Trump done screwed a porn star, and then bribed that there porn star to not talk about the sinful acts they done did together, and then lied to everyone about bribing that there porn star to not talk about them sinful acts.  Nun o that stuff matters one lick, and I still think Trump is the most Christian man ever because he done told me that he wuz!  And Trump don't tell no lies!  Heck, I got me six illegitimate, inbred lil'uns from my cousin Bessy Mae and that meth whore that lives three trailers down, but I'm saved too!

    Yes, Trump can run up the deficit, give tax cuts to all them rich folks, gut our national monuments, mock them disabled folks, lie like it ain't nobody's business and all that...but it don't matter to me, as long as I can swill lite beer, and sit around in my Confederate flag underpants, polishing my rifle and waiting for my monthly welfare check.  I'm fixing to vote for Trump again too, 'cuz I ain't poor enough yet.  Yee-haw, rock 'n' roll, and God bless 'Merica...and NASCAR...and Ted Nugent!

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    I’m so liberal that I voted for Trump 

    So we can bring about the apocalypse 

    And save the earth

  • 3 months ago

    ‘Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative.’ John Stuart Mill   

    As usual, we had to clean up the raging tire fire that CONservative votes caused.

    Donald Jerkwad Trump: Worst. President. EVER.

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    3 months ago

    Exactly! He's all PROMISES!

    In other words, all TALK. 

    And Fracking would end all economic, military and engineering dominance by the US.

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