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Some Physics HW :)?

I am lost and need help. There are 4 steps to this but hopefully if i get this, I will be able to get the rest. 

Assume you have 3 different items weighing 3 different amounts (kg), a shoe- 0.3 kg, a washer- 0.003 kg, and a spoon- 0.045 kg. You now get a 50 cm string and swing the object around for 10 seconds. Shoe does 11 revolutions, spoon does 16 revolutions and the washer does 21 revolutions. Now calculate the speed and centripetal acceleration.

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       First up... don't forget to choose a  BEST  answer... !!

    speed, that is tangential velocity,  v,   is  :  

           v =  ( 2πr ) * ( # rev )  /  t

    All the objects have the  same  value for  2πr,  just convert   r  to meters instead of cm before  any calculations .

      Total distance each moved is  ( 2πr)(# rev)  , so each has a different value here.

    So  you can now  find  the speed of each [ which is just the magnitude of  v using eqn above ] .

    Centrip force =  mv^2  / r    so  centrip. accel,  a  , is:

         a  =  v^2 / r    again  use  r in meters, and  your  v's   from  part a)


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