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whats it mean to dream you have a penis?

i'm female and straight. why did i have this random dream??


@winterrose...what are you going on about, no one is saying men are just a penis wtf

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     Whan a woman dreams of having a penis it may reflect waking life situations where she is asserting herself, making powerful decisions, or showing others that she is not easy to push around.

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    2 months ago

    Probably means you watched CNN. They want you to believe how you so much are probably gay. It's in their best interest.

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    Some women do have male genitalia. Maybe the dream is trying to tell you that someone you know will come out as transgender

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    There is so much more to a man then the fact he has a penis.  He is a friend, a husband, a worker, an employer, a good person, etc.  He has emotions and feelings, and goals in Life like others.   I could go on and on.  What about the men who have gone to war and come back crippled in some way?  You gonna take manhood away from them too?  I don't think so, and I don't believe it all boils down to who has a penis and who doesn't.  A penis doesn't make a man!

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     there are so many objects in our dreams that can represent the making love of two people. In much of his writings Freud used the Phallus which he believed represented fertility and power, and male sexuality. Carl Jung did write that the penis is itself a phallic symbol and according Jung, this is a symbol of death, connection, growth, rebirth, and the life. In fact, a man named Eugene Monick who was Carl Jung’s assistant termed this the “Phallic resurrection.” The reason being was that sharp objects in dreams were connected to our own pleasure.

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    It means you had a dream about having a penis. Dreams are weird and always will be. My dreams always have something do with lard and I’m never sure why 

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    3 months ago

    My dreams are better...The girls always want me.

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