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why are the Republicans not uniting behind Trump in his legal battles? there should be total uproar over how this electin was handled?

and especially how the news media has taken part in this coup d'é·tat we have recently witnessed

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    The Washington swamp runs deep.

    President Trump is trying to stamp out corruption and the politicians who are corrupt do not like it. There is corruption on both sides.

    Also, you do not get to be in any of the top jobs without being compromised. That means that they control you. So get the message out that if you are seen to support Trump then your darkest secrets will be outed.

    Trump just jumped into the very top job without any blackmailable baggage. That is why he scares them. He cannot be controlled.

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    2 months ago

    Because they understand the voting process, they know there isn’t any evidence of fraud, and they don’t hate democracy. American democracy is stronger than one businessman’s fragile ego. 

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