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How can people still dare support Donald Trump when he has called our Troops Losers ?

These people give their all for this country and some have even paid the Ultimate sacrifice to make dam sure those threats like ISIS stay in their Country and do not come over here to America. I have never liked war and I never will but I do stand with the brave men and women who rather than run away from the danger run towards it to make sure I am safe....Anyone who supports Trump after he made that comment about not wanting to go to a Cemetery of Losers needs to look into the eyes of the mothers and Fathers who have lost someone in the service and say that to their face. These people are the one thing keeping America safe and no one has a right to say something that Evil. For the record Biden may not be perfect but at least he stands with America and not against us Like Donald could tell that man to call our Troops a looser and i know dam well he would rather die than do that.....please note if you support Trump you do not support America because Trump has no respect for anyone but himself.

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    The problem with Trump is he lacks respect for anyone, bar himself.  He is mentally ill, only someone with major mental health issues, would spend so much time 'tweeting'.  Surely the job of President of one of the most populated and wealthiest countries on our Planet, would ensure that you rarely get the chance to kick back and browse the internet!

    Perhaps he should book himself into a specialist Clinic, where he can be fed 'humble pie'.  He had his chance to make 'America Great Again' and failed miserably.  He showed that not every wealthy person deserves to be given a job with much responsibility.  He wasn't up for the job and his fellow Republicans should be looking at themselves, that they were so weak, to stop him wreaking havoc on the American people.

    If I were an American citizen, I would never be able to forgive Trump, the actions or lack of, re Covid.  If any of my own relatives or friends had died of the Virus, I would be seeking advice from a Lawyer and asking if I could sue him for due negligence.

    I too, like you aren't keen on War, however I too would support our Military, both during and after service.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Many in the military didn't support Trump because of that and other remarks from "old heel spurs".

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Oh shut up libtard. You people support flag burning, or enemies, kneelers,  and VA cuts.

  • David
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    2 months ago

    You believe such lies? 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    This is why democrats are referred to idiots. They take fake news and run with it.

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