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has anyone been to Egypt and did u love it?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    If you are planning to travel to egypt, then as common, visit the places where the visitors are welcomed. Stay away from neighborhoods and places where low class people live. belive me i used to live there for a long time and i don't think you will like it

  • 4 months ago

    what you dont realise is this ..egypt is the second worst country in the world for FGM  ..want your daughter hacked about?

  • hihi!
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    4 months ago

    Egypt was great. The camel guide to the pyramids wanted about $100 for a tip. I told him l knew a month's wage was about 200 and $10 was a fat tip. He accepted. 3 camels for 3 hours were $100 roughly. 

    Police or army were visible on highways. We took a bus on our own from Hurgada. Our hotel caretaker was upset a bit that we didn' t get travel to Cairo and Luxor through him. (at a higher price...)

    I loved Egypt. The people are fine. Copts show you their Christian tattoo of a cross on their wrist and call you "brother" as most white people they see are Christians.

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