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Why did my teacher ignore my text, very depressed, please give me advice ?

so basically im 17 and im in 12th grade and my astronomy teacher is in her 40s and married and she has short brown hair and she's very pretty and she has a beautiful voice and so basically ive had a crush on her for a year because I had her last year also and im even somewhat obsessed with her but she doesn't know because I would never tell her because I know its inappropriate and stuff, but I wanted to at least be friends with her so today I finally just texted her number (I found it online after researching about her) and said "Hey Ms. (her name), this is (my name) from school, would you want to come get ice cream with me sometime this week to hang out and stuff, it would be a good opportunity to make better friends and stuff and I want to be a bit more involved and social". im not the best at making friends and kinda socially awkward because of my society anxiety but I sent her that text and she never responded, its been 2 days, I can't understand and im upset

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    Maybe you did not get the right number.

    Maybe she did not get the text. ( I have had a text sent to me, got          heck for not responding, and then received the message 2 weeks      later )Maybe her phone fell in the toiletMaybe she has been away all weekend and left her phone at home. Maybe she has been too busy to check her phone (life is hectic for        teachers especially ones with families)Maybe she does not know how to respond to you.  (Does not want        to encourage you, nor be mean)

    Maybe she would like to talk to you in person on Monday


    Could be anything.

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    Maybe she can’t understand a damn thing you said because I certainly don’t understand what you’re trying to say. 

    She’s an astronomy teacher so use astronomy. 

    🍑 <——<

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