Wired Ethernet PS4/PS5?

I've been delaying getting a gaming router for a while now to play online instead of just wi-fi and with next gen coming out I'm looking for a good gaming router. Any recommendations? Also, would the installation process just be connecting the ethernet from the router into the PS5 and powering the router on? Is the ISP modem involved? Thanks in advance.

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    Other than aesthetics, there's nothing special about "gaming" routers vs. any other decent router. And if your sole purpose for it is wired Ethernet, you're probably better off buying a business-grade router rather than anything oriented at home users. You could always add a wireless access point later.



    Most routers for home users and small businesses are basically plug-and-play, yes. You generally just need power it on and connect your computer to it. You may need to configure things like port forwarding for games to work right, though. It's not difficult. You basically just visit a page in your web browser and log in with the default name and password printed on the router.

    Yes, the ISP's modem is usually involved. You wouldn't be able to get online otherwise. You need to connect a cable from the Ethernet port on the modem to the WAN port on the router. 

    If this modem is some sort of combo unit with both a modem and router in one box, buying another router is a waste of time and money. Just connect an Ethernet cable directly to the modem.

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