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Is it normal to cry tears of joy at Trump's loss?

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    A lot of people probably did.  Here in the REAL world beyond the borders of Earth's Lunatic Asylum, we mostly just had a damned good laugh.  

    Your "Lv4" respondent doesn't know scheisse from ShinOla.  ZERO "freedoms" have been taken away from anyone.  As I'm pretty sure she doesn't make $400K+ per year, she has NO higher tax to snivel about.  Trumpty-dumpty did S.F.A. about I.S.I.S.  She's just another bullshit -spreading panic-monger of the sort of "useful idiots" her Lard-a$$ Fuehrer valued during his Reign of Error.  

    Poor ol' "Ryde, On" seems to do a good job of describing his own mental defects.  Now if he could only find his way back to reality ...  - hopeless Trumpoids.  Even after his fall, they're still eager to lick his fat a$$.    

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    4 months ago

    What are you crying in joy for? More of your freedoms being taken away? Higher taxes? Future terrorists attacks (and a president who won’t do a thing about them)? Obama was in office 8 years, did nothing to stop ISIS, Trump obliterated ISIS immediately by taking action once he got in.

    We’re gonna end up like France with teachers/families getting beheaded.

    And NOTHING will be done about illegal immigrants any time soon.

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    4 months ago

    If you are mentally unstable with impulse control problems ,,,, sure .

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