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GOP is going to desappear forever?

Be honest guys. Im from Italy but tell me if im not saying something of true. Please correct me if i say wrong..

GOP is going to desappear, and im almost sure, Biden will be the President for next 8 years:

1) USA is going to be more and more multiethnical country. I think 70% of blacks, Asians, Latinos or whoever is immigrated vote/will vote for Demos;

2) Regarding immigrated or black people, im pretty sure that soon these people will be majority in USA respect to "white americans" in few years (i've heard that black families have more children respect to white families.. In this way, automatically, their votes will go to Demos);

3) Comunity LGBT is always more extensive...and they vote/will vote always for Demos;

4) People, slowly, from rural zone is going to live in metro..and we know good that people who lives in big city/metro (far from a conservative lifestyle, far from "old" ideals and values as we can find in rural areas) vote for Demos;

5) Socials: In socials like IG, FB, Twitter, Tik Tok there are a lot of influencers (just think about singers, sport, actors, ect, ect) who at 70/80% they are for Demos. There is a kind of brain washing especially to youngs to convince them to vote for Demos;

6) Indifference by repubblic people. In these years Demos got a lot of Me Too.... BLM....ect ect. What about Rep people? They are so silent. They dont mobilize media, youngs, ect.Like now: Demos people are in street to celebrate...where are Rep people?

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  • David
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    5 months ago
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    For your topic question about if GOP is going to disappear forever...

    No, absolutely not.

    1)  It is telling that Trump had a huge lead on election night, estimated at up to 291 electoral college votes at one point*.  That lead melted away when mail-in votes were counted.  But even if the Democrats won, both sides had the most votes in HISTORY.  So it would be premature to say that the GOP is going to disappear.

    2)  What is more significant than Biden BARELY squeaking through with a narrow victory (that will have to survive many legal challenges, by the way)...Is that at the same time the Republicans retained control of the Senate, which is the most powerful government entity (more powerful than the HOR and the Executive branch combined)  If you don't believe that, look at what happened to Pelosi's politically-motivated effort to impeach the President.  Talk about a waste of time and effort.  She surely knew that the Senate was going to slap her HARD for even trying that shlt.

    3)  If you follow American politics closely, you will know that the pendulum tends to swing hard in one direction and then swing harder in the opposite direction.  NOT coincidentally, this tends to happen every 4-8 years.  This Democratic "win" (which will be contested) was so controversial that most people "in the know" can tell you EXACTLY what will happen in 2024 now...

    There is a saying..."payback is a bltch"

    In 2024, there will be a Republican sweep.  The Democrats will get MURDERED.  It won't be pretty.  It will be a real blood-bath.  In fact, it will look like a blood-bath, too.  When you see the graphics of the house seats, the senate seats, and how all the states voted in 2024...

    You will be seeing nothing but a huge red background dotted with a few small blue dots here and there...

    Democrats are going to be depressed in 2024.  SERIOUSLY depressed.  Like curled up in a fetal position crying on mommy's lap...THAT kind of depressed...

    No, the GOP is NOT disappearing.

    *  All the liberal / blue press in the United States was saying that Biden was always in the lead.  But the UNbiased media (like the BBC, for example) was showing the real numbers.  On election night, with most votes already counted, Trump was clearly in the lead by such a wide margin (and he had more than 270 EC votes, as well) that I mistakenly thought it was a done deal that Trump was re-elected.

  • 5 months ago

    Biden was elected for four years.  We don't know yet whether he will run in 2024 for another four.

    GOP is going to desappear, and im almost sure, Biden will be the President for next 8 years:1) Immigrants from Mexico and Africa tend to vote Democratic.  Immigrants from Cuba and Venezuela tend to vote Republican.2) Children don't vote, and there are differences between the races in lifespan and incarceration rates, so the number of eligible voters aren't proportional to population.3) Mostly but not totally true.  Those who are from Muslim countries may be an exception.4) True

    5) No, a lot of them are Republicans.  Donald Trump in particular.6) During the campaign, Republicans were more likely to go to rallies, etc.  Celebrating (or protesting) after an election doesn't have as much (or any) effect, because it's too late to change the outcome.

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