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Do you think it's a good thing religious people have more children?

Does this mean the future will be religious?... I imagine many skeptic rationalists on here will say that secularism and atheism is on the rise, therefore it can't happen, but you are MISSING the point. The retention rate is only low among LIBERAL religious, with an already low fertility, and the people who convert to secular culture will not have 7+ kids like if they were to have stayed religious, they will have 1-1.6, just like the atheist community (most likely). For some reason, my immediate gut reaction is that this is a good thing.


World-denying religious fundamentalist sects, meanwhile, which are concentrated in the West, have sky-high fertility. The ultra-Orthodox Jews, Amish, Hutterites and Finnish Laestadian Lutherans average around six children per woman. 

Quiverfull neo-Calvinists in America, who abjure birth control, have even larger broods.

In my last book Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth, I argue that as population drains from secular societies, religious populations will form an ever-larger share of the remnant.

This is already happening in Israel, where secular Jews are being overtaken by religious Jews. Jerusalem has flipped from secularism to conservative religiosity due to demographics, and the entire country will follow suit. America is likely to experience this in the 2100s.

As western societies perform this Israeli-style shift from secular liberalism to religious conservatism, sex will once again be about procreation, not recreation.

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    It's not a good thing, but not uncommon. One of my mom's nephews is Mormon,

    he and his wife have at least 5 kids in addition to one who died as a teenager.

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    It does not mean any of those things.  What you are missing is that the children of the religious aren't always religious themselves.  If the religious have more children, that simply means that there can be more nonreligious children of the religious.

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    I know many people who were born into large, fundamentalist families.  I'm one of them.  The majority of us have left the church and are atheists.  The majority of us hate our parents for what they put us through.  It's child abuse, plain and simple.  I have a friend whose parents had 11 children.  They have three grandchildren (all in their twenties), and have never seen or met them because they were cut out of the lives of all their children.

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