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How hard it is to construct railway infrastructure ? (tracks and stations)?

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  • 5 days ago

    To lay track one mile with on turn outs or other items is over 2 million dollars. As for how difficult- this depends on where the track is being built. Grades need to be 2% or less and turns have to be large. While a high way can have a 6% or more grade.

    The cost of a station can range from no more then a simple shack to something the size of Grand Central Station. Other infrastructure is also subject to a lot of variance and I don't think a single value could be assigned.

  • bo
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    2 weeks ago

    well you need money along with the following

    planning on where the tracks and stations will go

    cities and towns on where they will put them

    each state will have to plan and decide where the tracks go also

    EPA has to do studies along with several other agencies state and federal government

    it will take years for this to happen along with some lawsuits from various groups who would oppose it. big projects like this always run into problems

  • 2 weeks ago

    its probably very hard

  • Rick
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    2 weeks ago

    Yeah, how much money did trump & the senate spend on infrastructure over the past 4 yrs.?  None that I ever heard about, unless you count replacing parts of "The Wall".

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