I cant get back my package and I don't know where it went.?

So basically I order something from Ebay. It was delivered to my house on Oct 31 and I wasn't around my house at the time. My household inmates had looked at the package and seen it was a package under the name Dr Francis which is my nickname I wanted to change on Ebay which I did to my actual name but Ebay didn't fully update my name to my package. So they thought it was mailed to the wrong address and returned it back to my local United States Postal Service office. The front desk told them that they'll send the package back to the sender. As a result I had check in and called in with the post office and they just said they had no package with the name Dr Francis or any package within my address. I contacted the seller and they said that it was delivered and to check my post office if they have it. Which I did and got nothing. The carrier for the package was SpeedPak which makes things more difficult since it wasn't UPS or any official carrier. I asked Ebay for a refund but they denied it saying that the seller had provided me where the package is with a link towards the tracking number which tracks the package. I already looked at my tracking number status and it just says it was delivered by local post office on Oct 31. No other information like "returning to sender" or " currently being held in post office". Im stressed and frustrated with this outcome and im just going to see if I can get some help or tips from yahoo. 


if some of you think this doesnt make sense heres a better way to put it. My name on Ebay was Dr Francis and I wanted to change it to my actual name. But my household inmates return it back since they thought it was sent at the wrong address. My post office don't charge people to return back packages I'm just trying to get back my package, I have the printouts and the account information to prove this wasn't a fraud since I know many yahoo people on here can be too skeptic about it. 

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  • 4 months ago
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    Unfortunately you’re up crap creek without a paddle.

    Some of your story also makes no sense; USPS simply would not accept a return sent by a different carrier unless whichever of your housemates who took it there paid in full to send the package.

    Ebay are totally correct to refuse a refund: you ordered the item using a fake name, the seller has proof it was delivered, and you’ve admitted it was received at the correct address. Whatever happened to it after that has nothing to do with Ebay and nothing to do with the seller.

    If USPS ever do manage to locate a package for “Dr Francis” then they still won’t hand it to you because you cannot prove that’s who you are.

    Your only hope is that somehow the package makes it back to the seller. I wouldn’t count on it though, because all my instincts as a former mail fraud investigator and the inconsistencies in your story strongly suggest that one of your housemates saw a parcel for a stranger and thought ‘Great! Free stuff!” Do you seriously believe that any one of them would honestly have made a special trip to a USPS desk carrying that parcel, and then paid for it’s return?

    If you want to find it, look to your housemates. Will anyone now admit to stealing it? Not likely at all.

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