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What are ways alongside wearing a mask to avoid getting Coronavirus now that it is on the rise and the 2nd wave is here?


I feel like it is Black Death. 

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    According to the World Health Organization, if you stand 1 meter (3.2ft) distance, you have reduced the chance of acquiring covid 82%

    Wearing a 3ply cotton mask, you reduce your risk at least 30% (from the FDA).

    Put them together and it's really hard to get covid.

    But if you want to up your game, get a KN95 mask (FDA Approved, well fitting).  It keeps out 95% of small particles or wear 2 masks or a mask and a face shield.

    Although, their is a 2nd wave, how is that impacting your local hospitals?  We have 50% fewer hospitalization than at the height of the crises and our local death rate has decreased from 2.9% March-June to 1.3% from July to current.

    ** realize there is some percent of the population that forgoes treatment, the cities are not telling us who these people are.  In my area 41% of the deaths are for people over age 80 and 37% of people over age 65 (i.e. 78% of the people are over age 65).-- we know younger people die too but they also die of the flu.  I had a work colleague age 37, completely healthy guy die last February of a basic staph infection (strep throat).  A couple of years ago, a neighbor aged 48 died of the flu.

    Treatments like dexamethasone and albuterol have been excellent at stopping the escalation of symptoms. 

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    Stay home and starve to death.

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    Turn off the TV and stay off social media. Survival rate of 99.997%!!!! 

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