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Georgia Senate Election?

Can you please elaborate? Thanks.

Georgia election law requires a candidate to secure over 50% of the vote. If no candidate is able to do so, then the top two candidates in the race face off in a runoff election.

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    Not sure what you want us to elaborate.  That is a good summary of Georgia law.  

    It applies to both the regular election in which the Libertarian candidate is getting just enough votes that neither the Democrat nor the Republican will get 50% of the vote.

    It also applies to the special election which is what is sometimes called a jungle primary.  Under the rules of the special election, rather than having party primaries, all of the candidates from all of the parties are running in the general election.  Not too surprisingly with several Democrats, several Republicans, and several candidates from other parties or independents running, nobody got close to 50%.

    So on January 5, there will be two run-offs:  one featuring (by then ex) Senator David Perdue (R) running against Jon Ossoff (D) for the full term; and one featuring Senator Kelly Loeffler (R) against Reverend Raphael Warnock.  The weird twist in these races is that because Senator Perdue's term ends on January 3, that seat will technically be vacant and there will only be 99 Senators until the result is certified.  On the other hand, because Senator Loeffler was appointed to fill a vacancy, she continues in office until the result of her election is certified.  (Which means that she will probably be in office until late January while, in a similar situation in Arizona, Mark Kelly will become Senator around December 1.)

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