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Why are all these Trmpsters whining about China winning the US presidency, times change?

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    Times do change, but we do not want our elected officials to sell the United States out to a foreign power, or foreign corporation to line the pockets of their family or themselves. The concern is that foreign entities would offer money for the opportunity to speak with and influence our politicians, and then those politicians would have some kind of obligation to direct US policy in a way that would benefit these foreign entities. The Clintons did this with the Clinton Foundation. Governments and corporations would make "donations" to the Clinton Foundation to curry the favor of the Clintons. When Hilary was running for president, the Clinton Foundation would schedule a Clinton Foundation event in places where she needed to make a campaign stop. and then Travel expenses and costs would be covered by the foundation because the meeting made it "official business" and then she would conduct campaign business while there, seemingly giving the Democratic nominee unlimitedly deep pockets from which to grab power. Fortunately Bengazi and the e-mail scandal derailed her enough. Biden has done this with Burisma in the Ukraine and with Chinese energy companies (that are wholly owned by the Chinese Communist Party). The difference here is that the Biden's didn't have a Biden Foundation, they have Hunter Biden. 

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    Biden is a Chinese-Ukranian puppet .

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