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My boyfriend is nearly 30 and he spends all of his free time gaming (6+ hours daily), should I just break up with him?

He's going to be 30 in a week.

He works from home (we share an apartment) as a customer service rep for Sprint. He has a headset and basically just small talks with people for 7 hours a day with an hour long lunch break. He gets out of work at 6pm and he games usually until between 12am and 2am. He plays childish computer games like a game where he has to pop balloons and read instructions and do obstacle courses with these little pig cartoon characters and he talks loudly into a headset for hours on end, so loud that I can't hear the TV or read or focus on anything.

He opted for a super expensive trendy apartment which costs 2200/month and he had it before I met him. I moved in a year later and pay a smaller portion since I have a small space in the apartment. His rent is still roughly 70% of his earnings. He doesn't even think about saving for the future.

I can't talk to him at all because he always has his gaming headset on, is talking loudly, or says "I can't talk right now because my team is depending on me" He plays a car racing game, most of the people he plays with are 13 and 14 years old. The cars play soccer and have to get a ball into the net and they have teams and timed rounds. Even if it's urgent (water for dinner is boiling over) he won't get up from his game and says "sorry babe I can't I'm in the middle of a round".

Dating him is lonely, I can't even talk with him, we don't go on dates.

I'm fed up. Other than that hes a good person.


Thank you TJ that is the best answer ever, you're so kind! You made my day.

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    You are basically a live in maid, cook, sex partner,room mate. what more can he want? What do you get out of this? He seems like he is not there for you at all. You cannot even enjoy a tv show. So what is the positive being with him?  Where is he a good person? He seldom interacts with you? You may have just not be there.  You can be happier, if you lived on your own, and enjoyed your place, since you are not enjoying this place or him. If you did not tell him you were home, would he even know you did not come home? and for how long?

    You say: "Dating him is lonely, I can't even talk with him, we don't go on dates.I'm fed up".

    Other than that hes a good person. How would you know what he is?

    You do know the answer, so why have you not found your own place?

    You sound like a very nice person, too bad he does not wake up and and make you happy and truly part of his life.

    I wish you good luck with him.  I hope you can get him away from his games and try to salvage this relationship. I dont know how you can get him to change, he is addicted to his games, he needs help.

    He has forgotten why he asked you to move in.  Can you possibly get him to go to couples counseling?  Normally id tell you to move out, but this seems like if he would wake up, you will have good things together. I hope some way this can be resolved for you.      But in the end, you need to be happy too!

    I hope one day to find someone just like you to be in my life.

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