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Where its best to buy a used car in cash?

I want to buy either BMW 4 series or Benz 300 no earlier than year 2018 (newer the better) and I have enough cash to pay it that way but my question is where to go to get it cheaper? Dealership of both? Private dealerships where they buy and sale random cars? Who tends to add more commission on the true value is what im trying to find out and avoid. Also, if I am paying in cash does it matter in terms of getting a discount? Is that something better for a dealership/private dealership? Also, can I ask them to sale it to me tax deducted meaning that the tax i would have had had i financed or leased, would be deducted when paying cash? I really dont know much about car buying and would appreciate tips and help in trying to figure out the advantage for me and for the seller when paying/receiving cash for a car. thanks

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    Find auto auctions network from https://carauctionnetwork.com/

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    Good free VIN check from https://vinrush.com/

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    You could save thousands if you can find one from a PRIVATE PARTY. (Private dealership has no meaning)  The private party value is thousands less than retail and you might be able to get them down a little more.  But such newer & expensive cars are not widely available from private parties. You certainly cannot pick color or options.

    I would suggest avoiding any luxury brand beyond maybe Lexus.

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    Try to get a certified used car with warranty - yes it will cost you more but it will be certified by the dealer and backed by the manufacturers warranty. Or go buy on from a private seller for a few bucks less and take your chances. A.J. is correct a used rental car from Enterprise, Hertz exotic collection is a possibility they pull them from duty with low miles (usually less than 15k) and do maintenance appropriately.

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    A country you are in would be helpful. I can only answer for the USA.

    Same car could have multiple listings. Search online at your choice of websites:https://www.consumeraffairs.com/automotive/online-... They closed the Hertz used car sales lots in their bankruptcy reorganization. They were selling very good used cars cheap.For any used car, you do not go to any Buy-here pay-here financing dealers and they don't have expensive cars anyway.Therefore, ALL sellers of cars are cash sales, whether you finance at your source or they provide a lender or you buy cash. They get their money immediately. In a new car purchase, there could be financing deals and a cash sale just costs you more. I bought my new car and had cash in hand, but took a loan to get a rebate and then paid off the financing 3 months later. All cars need registration, taxes, insurance that you pay."No haggle prices" on cars rarely have much negotiating room, but you can still make an offer that they turn down, but leave a telephone number or maybe they catch you before you walk away.Certified cars are worth more. Your job is evaluating what the car is actually worth.Edmunds.com can help. Some sites show whether a price is good.You watch for add-ons to the price. From a dealership you can negotiate "bottom line out the door" and let the dealer do the math required.I somehow believe you are not in the USA. We rarely focus on BMW or Benz

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